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Introducing Death Arcana Fortunes~ Hosted by Ryouji Mochizuki!

Greetings everyone!

It has been forever hasn't it? I still update my website, but nothing new and noteworthy---- I'm sad to inform. Although I do intend to add many goodies for the new year! 2013 baby!! WOO!

Either way, for those who enjoy the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, I've created an ask blog over at tumblr. It is run by our favorite Harbinger of the Fall~ None other than scarf boy, Ryouji Mochizuki!!! It is not like other ask blogs, in this blog Ryouji answers questions as if it were a Tarot reading.

More information here! http://deatharcanafortunes.tumblr.com/ Please do check it out! Have a great holiday season everyone, please take care!!

P.S. I'll post some more SOON! (I hope.)
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Darlings here is to a wonderful new year~

It has been quite some time darlings, but I'm still around. My life has taken such a turn... I don't know if this wheel of fortune will be in my favor this year, but I sure hope so. :)

I have many new ideas up my sleeve, including a seperate blog on my website. It will be used to update on all sorts of topics and articles of interest. empressarcana.net needs a complete makeover and it will get it sooner than later. This community will always be around, in case something happens to the blog site which can be located here. http://empressarcana.net/blog/ I need to spice it up.

arcanachronicles.com still exists and I have a blog over there too, follow the link http://arcanachronicles.com/ andyou will taken to the blog. I will update periodically with videos and other updates pertaining to my novel series. You can all have a listen at the file I put up there a couple of months back. lol I sound like a complete dork and probably make little to no sense.

If anyone has suggestions for the future (which is gonna be big!) of the Empress Arcana Connection please leave a comment, e-mail me empressarcana@gmail.com, or add me on facebook/twitter boh accounts empressarcana as well.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you. :)

Happy New Year my loves!
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Follow me empressarcana@tumblr for free numerology and astrology sample reports

Hey everyone!

A lot of things have been happening in my life, and I just don't have much time for anything. But, whenever I have spare time I always go to tumblr and answer my asks. A lot of people ask for numerology/astrology based questions.

I just wanted to inform all the members of empressreadings that if you would ever like to stop by, follow my tumblr, and drop me something on my ask. I do small sample numerology and astro readings, as well as the occasional tarot readings.

follow me @ empressarcana@tumblr.com

Take care lovelies!
Hugs and kisses to all xoxo
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N01: Numerological Associations; let's have fun with numbers

As much as I'm not the brightest in the mathematics department, Numerology changed my view on the subject for the rest of my life. Although still dealing with numbers, Numerology can help you appreciate them on another level. Numbers aren't always boring, especially when used to determine parts of yourself you never even knew existed. Just as Astrology, Numerology is considered an art in which we study the spiritual qualities of numbers and letters, creating information about every living thing around us.

"There is an order in the universe, from the atom to the solar system. Awakening interest in the rhythm of this order has called forth new efforts to synthesize the different methods used throughout the ages to understand it. Somewhere between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic, we look for the key that can put our world into logical perspective. We believe that the science of numbers can provide formulae which help clarify the evolving pattern of existence on earth."

— Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker

This will be one of the many posts I'll make concerning the different topics I've been wanting to cover. The beauty of it all is, there's endless material to go over. I will try to enlighten you all with some information, most probably you already know, but it's still nice to share. I looked over my various notes and wanted to share some numerological associations. :) I believe I took down notes while reading James Ricklef's book "Tarot Tells the Tale". Wonderful book that I still have to write a review for. <3 For now, let's go back to the topic at hand. In the blockquote below there will be simple keywords for numbers 0-10, provided in Mr. Ricklef's book. I'll post more notes under an lj-cut in more depths about those numbers.

Keywords from "Tarot Tells the Tale" by James Ricklef

Zero - Void, emptiness, unrestricted, potential, creative energy
One - Beginnings, seeds, unity, self, ego
Two - Duality, choices, decision, relationships, balance, and resolution
Three - Creativity, integration, reproduction, progress, growth, expansion.
Four - Structure, stability, boundaries, rest, consolidation
Five - Change, conflict, strife, crisis, struggle, learning, opportunities, soul
Six - Readjustment, difficult choices, reciprocal relationships, appreciation, peace, harmony
Seven - Tests, mastery, success, victory, reassessment
Eight - Acceleration, movement, strength, power, regeneration, progress
Nine - Endings, completion, climax, accomplishment.
Ten - Results, epilogue, rebirth, a new cycle, community, overkill, last straw

See the minor arcana associations in these numbers as well? Good. :) I'll go into elemental associations in the future. Knowing the meaning of just these numbers gives you a better understanding of Tarot in general. In fact, with these number associations, you're not going to help but notice the connections and relations all around you once you become more familiar with them. I know I do it! lol :D

Collapse )

More or less the same info, but just worded differently. If you guys want to add more input/keywords, please leave a comment below. If you want to contribute to the discussion of numbers, please do so as well! I also created a new community on LJ called kpopastrology for all KPOP fans. :) ( follow on tumblr as well http://www.kpopastrology.tumblr.com )
It's still needs a lot of organization, but I will be making a variety of astro and numerology stuff on there. No profit is being made it's just for fun. So if you're into Kpop, and want to request an artist PM me or madamegwiboon. I'll be able to respond to you from one or the other. Look forward to more posts like this soon and a proper promotion for the new comm soon. :)

NOW, I shall leave you all with a meditation exercise. After this number talk, why don't you put the new information to good use?
I want you all to clear your mind, breathe in and out slowly for a couple of minutes. In a serene state of mind, let a number come to you. Once the number comes to you, write it down, look at it from all angles. What does that number tell you?

How can you relate the keywords and information above to the number you just received? Does it relate to your current situation? Are you boggled by the number that you're not sure what to do about it? Blog it, write it, go over it in your head, or share with another your thoughts.

Leave me a comment if you would to discuss more about your number. :)

All right loves, until next time! You can also comment on what you would like to see next on the community. Don't be shy, I don't bite. ;D Honest!
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Question; Birthdays Spreads and Universal Coincidences

Hello everyone!
I hope all is well. I've been very busy with work and family, but I've wanted to stop by with a couple of things. In this post in particular I wanted to gush about my cousin's birthday. I was curious and wondering if there were any special birthday spreads out there. I haven't gone to thoroughly look, but I was actually seeking your assistance. :)

I found one here made by one of the members from the Aeclectic community. It looks interesting but it is going by the Pagan wheel of fortune. I still wanted to look into it, seems like a really interesting spread. I was going to go with the Horoscope spread for my cousin, since it is very thorough about the upcoming year(rather this current year).


The universe is a trickster, much like the fool or the magician using his magic to remind us we're not alone, That we indeed can manifest just about anything. I was literally looking for a spread for my cousin, yet I found a site that gives free "birthday" readings. I left it there loading, as I attended to writing this post... Although when I went back I noticed it generated a reading on it's own. I thought it was going to be a spread! Well, either way, it generated a reading for well... me. Let me tell you everyone, it was a little too spot on for it's own good. That's when I reminded myself that the universal has a special way of reminding you, if you're on the right path or not.

Lately, I've been more stressed out than ever, putting my spirituality aside which never settles well.

I have a lot of growing up to do. Regardless, I hope everyone is well, and if you guys have put together your own Tarot spreads please share with the community. :) If you guys have any to share, I'll make a future post crediting you and showing everyone just how awesome you all are.

Sorry, nothing flashy this time around~

Although for all those gamers our there! I was recently informed by my partner in crime angelflare (just checked my twitter right now) that Square Enix is porting Tactics Ogre to the PSP this February, Amazon & Gamestop preorders come with Tarot Cards. Major Arcana only though!
You make check out this link here for more game information, and for purchasing information click here

All right everyone! I have to think up of something awesome to make for my cousin.
[edit] omg I literally posted this entry over three times... one time it didn't go to my twitter, then it was posted on my personal journal.... AND DHSJK ok im done... and im in a rush. later!
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Relevant Fanfiction; Chase Me by joothemoo

Greetings everyone!

Lucy here posting something a little different, but still somewhat Tarot related. Earlier this month I started participating in reading/writing fanfiction again, leading me to quite the gem of a story. After NaNoWriMo I was exhausted, and wanted to take a break from the Arcana Chronicles. What better way than to just get into fanfiction all over again? :) So back to the point, I stumbled upon a beautifully written story by the darling joothemoo over at the jongkey community (it's a KPOP related community, for a pairing in the contemporary band SHINee).

The story is called "Chase Me", which revolves around the taboo relationship between a shape shifting arctic fox and Siberian husky. In all honesty from the moment I began reading to the last chapter, I was entranced with the tale between these two characters. This beautiful story can be read on it's own without having any knowledge of the fandom, which is what brings me here at my lovely community wanting to share the love. Not only do we have a magnificent tale, but there's gorgeous art that came with the delicious package by the lovely theycallitrose.

To access the first chapter, please click on the screenshot. There are eight chapters in total, with art by Rose throughout. The rest of the chapters can be found on the journal foxeyeskey

Now, the second portion of this entry will contain images from the Shapeshifters Tarot. I had gone to comment on one of the chapters, and I had decided to pull out my Shapeshifters deck. I had this insane urge to do because it might become mighty relevant. Below the cut are the Tarot cards I had randomly pulled out of my deck. They were too coincidentally in tune with the story, that I had to share as well. <3

Collapse )

I could continue to gush relentlessly, but then I'll never send you guys off to read. <3 Enough of my babbling, go and do so! I guarantee, you won't regret it. :3
Also, if you would like to request some gorgeous art from theycallitrose she has set prices for her work over HERE. Not only will you be getting beautiful art in return, you'll most importantly be partaking in a good cause. :)

Last but not least, I made a graphic for this wonderful collaboration, because I was just THAT FLIPPIN' MESMERIZED. <3333 :DDD It has been awhile since I made any graphics, and I had wanted to show these lovely ladies how much their work touched me. :3

for more of my graphics go to my graphics journal @faghag_graphics

Any comments and questions are more than welcome. :) This might not be the conventional Tarot post, but I do like recommending all sorts of things. THIS WAS A MUST.♥ Don't waste anymore time reading boring ol' me, go read this story. <3
Princess Serenity

Blog; TarotElements.com & Tarot Study Blog♥

Greetings lovelies,

I've been quite scattered as to what to post on my lovely community, but I can guarantee lots of goodies this month. A lot of Halloween related treats, because it's not only my favorite holiday (like duh?) but during my fave season. Fall is beautiful. Shame Florida weather is always so humid and ickie. Either way, I've been listening to blog radio shows lately. So, I will try to make frequent updates on that as well. I've even considered making my own... But, I still have to give it some thought. :) Today/Tonight I would like to share with the Tarot community some very useful links. Once I have my Tarot blog ( http://www.empressarcana.net/wordpress )all set up, I'll make sure to keep all the recommendations nice and organized. :)

One of my favorites is TarotElements.com.

It is run by Bonnie Cehovet, Catherine Chapman, and Valerie Sylvester. These lovely ladies are in charge of the maintenance of this wonderful website! There are many articles written and posted as well from many other Tarot experts as well as enthusiasts! From newly designed spreads for guidance, deck reviews, news in Tarot, tips/techniques, history, information; this website is packed full of goodies. :D

The latest edition to tarotelements.com is the Tarot Study Blog;

In which, ANYONE can contribute as well and add flavor to the meanings of the individual Tarot card pages. I have already contributed, and hope to contribute much more in the future. My contribution was for the 8 of Swords link here: http://www.tarotelements.com/tarotcardmeanings/104/8-of-swords/ Scroll down a bit, and you'll see my icon. :) Any insight is more than welcome! I really love this study blog idea, because there's no wrong answer. Just write what you feel, and share with others with like minds. It's wonderful!♥

So anyone interested, please come on and enjoy the fun!~ There are many blogs I would like to pimp out but I'll leave that for a future post. There's still so many reviews I have to finish and post! ;-;
ALSO, LISTEN UP BABES~ I'm going to try out some new spreads/new decks. If you don't mind me posting the results of the reading on here--- sharing with the Tarot community my interpretation of it--- then please leave me a comment below. Next time I'm going to do one of these special readings, I'll PM you and we'll discuss it. It could be through chat, skype, e-mail, whatever you feel most comfortable with. :) It's just a thought!

That's about it for tonight. Stay tuned for more content filled posts!

Previous posts of interests:
Tarot in Anime/Manga; Manhwa: The Tarot Cafe ;) Card Captor Sakura posted by the lovely Hina♥ The Clow Cards by Hina♥ Kabbalah in my yaoi?
Tarot Spreads; One-card; Ace of Wands essay The Box of Change by Barbara Moore (this is before the big move to Orlando, which is pretty creepy how everything pieced together)
Tarot Book Reviews; The Tarot of Perfection by Rachel Pollack

Looking for something else? Check out the tags.

All right sweeties, until next time! Stay awesome!
For those twitter fans, if you want to keep up to date with all about empressreadings follow me @empressarcana at twitter.com

P.S. I'll see if I can tweak the community layout a bit in the near future. I just changed the font size to make it easier to read, because sheesh it was small. ._.; Ahhhh, I'm about to fall over from how sleepy I am! Once again everyone, take care and g'night. <3
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A little Astrology fun for the weekend <3

Hello everyone! I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

As a way of getting away from current web frustrations, I decided to post over at my Tarot community. :) I've been attempting to tweak my website all day, but it's been a long time since I've done any coding sadly. I'll continue to work on it though, and update you all when the new layout is up. I would've liked to keep the current graphics, and just take off the frames features. I worked really hard on putting together those current graphics, so I guess I'm a little biased.

I just got a tweet from Tarot.com titled Your Zodiac Sign's Worst Financial Compatibility. Well, I was all over that... Here's the link; FINANCIAL COMPATIBILITY.

*sniffle* I feel bad for my pseudo-hubby since he's a Capricorn, and they say Gemini is his worst match financially. Darnit, I'm not like most Geminis! >:o *tries to justify self* Either way, it was a fun read and I think that it will result in a couple of laughs. I'm contemplating sending this to pseudo-hubby. xD (correction I just did xD)

So, what are your thoughts?

I have a big post with Tarot exercises to come, but that might be posted later tonight or tomorrow.
Take care everyone, and until next time. :)
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Tarot in pop culture strikes again, and again, and agaaainnn

It's been quite some time, but no worries I'm still around. Hopefully, I'll be encouraged to post more often. Work has taken over my life, but I will definitely make time for empressreadings +all her members. <333 More goodies to come~ (I really mean it. D:)

I just thought this was an interesting read, and I wouldn't mind to see what you guys think. I'm quite the Lady GaGa fan, and I couldn't help but share. The articles especially are a very fine read. It made me wonder... She is quite the Devil indeed. :)

Here's a link to Mary K. Greer's blog entry about the Tarot symbolism in Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" video.
Tarot and Lady GaGa

I'm considering making this an open community, in order for my posts to be tweeted over. I'll think about it though. I would love this community to grow even more, but I would have to put more time/dedication for her. *nod* I have another interesting post to make later tonight of the latest book I'm reading. Very good book, and seems to be a quite well known. Anyways, more of that later tonight.

Take care loves, and God bless.

[edit] I would like to thank angelflare for helping me maintain empressreadings. This wittle fag hag here is very grateful. <33333 Also, I would like to send lots of good luck vibes her way, because she has a lot of wondrous things coming along in her fool's journey. ;)
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Tarot in Manga ~vol. 1~

Hello, everyone! Hina here, pleased to meet you! *bows*

Since Lucy's been really really busy lately, I figured I should drop by and keep you entertained! \(^o^)/ Since I'm not as versed as Lucy when it comes to Tarot I'm here to learn, too!, I'll do the one thing I can do: Tarot references!

Lucy has already rec'ed a few works which include Tarot (The Tarot Cafe manwha, for example. It's a great story and I suggest you all go read it!! You can read it in it's entirety at MangaFox!), so I'm here to let you know about other works which include references to Tarot. Let's begin with a really famous one!

I'm sure most of you must have read or at least heard of CLAMP, a group of four wonderful Japanese women who have created countless stories, ranging from shojo to shonen and practically everything in between XD. The subject of Divination appears in almost all of their stories, and perhaps one of the most evident references to Tarot in them appears in the world famous Card Captor Sakura.

Small plot summary: Sakura comes across a book in her house which is said to contain a deck of magic cards. However, it's empty In the anime, she is the one who sets the cards free. The guardian of the book, Kerberos (Kero), asks her to recover them all by becoming a Card Captor.

In chapter 11 (volume 3), Sakura is faced with a card she can't defeat unless she can figure out its identity. Kerberos suggests using the cards she has acquired so far to perform a simple reading, which will give her information on the card. He tells her how to shuffle, how to set the cards, and aids her in understanding the message.

I tried to find information on the spread used, but I wasn't successful -_-;; I guess it was simply made up for CCS, but I'm probably be wrong CLAMP are always very thorough whenever it comes to research. Perhaps Lucy can shed some light on that matter?

It's a very interesting chapter and it's not so far into the story that you'll be forced to read half of it to understand what's going on. CCS chapters also tend to be small stories in themselves, so it's very light reading ^^

Another interesting fact: The Clow Card deck in the anime is much, much larger more episodes :P, and it can actually be used as an actual Tarot Deck! It involves knowing which card is which, though... so I'll leave that for next time!

Do check it out!

Hope you enjoyed this entry. Till next time! *warps away*